by lupov cokoliv (barbara kaiser / tamara wilhelm / elffriede.aufzeichnensysteme)
16:56 min
published on gruenrekorder / somewhere on the edge / germany 2012

fressspinne is a reenactment of the imaginary soundscape of an endangered species
to be found nowhere but in the austrian high alps, the fressspinne (aranea vorare)

lupov cokoliv uses handmade noise machines, table-top-guitar with fortune cat, pen and ink, kaosspad.
anticipating 1:1- connection / soundillustration lupov cokoliv practices a bulk slurry explosive mixture of
improvisation and composition in order to spot the limits of media and clairvoyance by evoking gaps
between visual- and sound-layers.

in unconscious sound-experiments lupov cokoliv forces their composition on the visual material not following conventional traces of visual-sound-connection but interpreting the visual material in terms of fractionalisation. the pictures are drawings/studies while doing the sound: soundrawings leaving a trace of its accoustic appearance


former appearances of lupov cokoliv


mind the tides!
you listen to a live studio concert from the radio station o.94 vienna:
tamara wilhelm on electronic circuits, barbara kaiser on table top guitare with fortune-cat. elffriede interdisciplinary drawing systems: ink, pen, chaospad, words.
in this show the three explore musical textures of time structures.

velak-gala / brut





tamara wilhelm / barbara kaiser

drawing soundrawing


sound - drawings by elffriede.aufzeichnensysteme