the notebook of e.h. (das 'merkbuch' von e.h.)
by elffriede.aufzeichnensysteme
& jörg piringer

3. radioplay-reward klangturm a-st pölten / 2006

small notebook (merkbuch) of 1963 by a person named e.h
found 2002 in the rubbish of a flew market inspired both
artists to analyse its note-structure literary, acoustically
(list of note-categories: weather / visits / mail etc.)
the experimental radioplay is a conception of live-
performance, reading, recordings and a film showing in time-laps
24 hours of a view from a window into a backyard like a filmstill
contrasted by a hand flickering through the original notebook
the performance is contrasting digitale and analogue sound
and media (overhead-drawing / projection) as a anachronistic
media-mix (typewriter, drawingsound) ...



elevate-festival hörgerede / a-graz 2010

performed at:

amerlinghaus / vienna / a / 2003
extrapool / nijmwegen / nl / 2004
hörbar / hamburg / d / 2004
on cd / catalogue “audiotoop” (ed. by felix kubin) / 2004
elevate-festival / graz / a / 2010

2014 it was again revised in col. with artist sabine maier and new concepted as an experimental play
performed im_flieger / platform for performance art / vienna / chocolate factory

film-documentation of performance im_flieger / vienna 2014 / 12:28 min. of 60 min. performance

visual material of the performance

elffriede.net elffriede.net



amerlinghaus / a-vienna / 2003

elffriede elffriede

elffriede elffriede


audiotoop / audio-visual publication / 19, 5 cm x 17 cm / nl-2005

number 538
week 32

AUDIOTOOP (CD compilation by Korm Plastics)
This CD documents some of the radioplays that took place as a live event in Extrapool, Holland. Audiotoop is a sympathetic try to revive this old medium. But it is more than that, as everything took place live before an audience. Also this release is accompanied by a beautiful book with artworks and a textual contribution by Felix Kubin. So several media are combined for this project.
Extrapool invited several musicians and (sound) artists for this project, most of them being new for me: Jana & Bertin, Jan Schellink, Lem & Lemmoineau, Vernon & Burns, etc, etc. Not all of them obey to - what I think is - the first law of radioplay, namely it has to have a narrative structure. A radioplay always tells a story, isn't it? "De Sinuskapel" by Quinten Dierick for example is a dark piece just consisting of low noises, evoking the wind that blows over a deserted place. In that respect a perfect radioplay as it leaves room to our own phantasy to imagine a story, a world, etc. The contribution by Freek Lomme and Remco van Bladel is more close to a soundpoem. "Spatial Transition" by Marten de Wind And Tamar Frank opens with environmental sounds from Extrapool, to be followed by a loud and high tone - not very pleasant for my ears - that continues for the rest of this piece. No voice, no story.
All three pieces are very short, so may be there were meant as an interlude. All other pieces go from 6 up to 11 minutes, and come more close to the medium of radioplay. The opening track by Jana and Bertin is the best one. In the form of a english teaching lesson they tell little stories, nicely decorated with simple tunes and noises. In "Robosapien en de 6 baby poppetjes" Jan Schellink tells an absurd childstory, without the addition of any other sounds. "The notebook of Elisabeth Hojesky" by Jörg Piringer and Elffriede is another highlight on this CD. We hear a voice reading from a diary, with it's typical short descriptive sentences that tell what happened, on day x, z, etc. The soundtape to this one is very interesting and perfectly integrated with the reading voices. Listening to this varied CD you ask yourself why is the radioplay such a sadly neglected medium, as it is a very powerful and imaginative artform. Let's hope that Extrapool and Korm Plastics will continue their Audiotoop-adventure. (DM) Address: http://www.kormplastics.nl/

extrapool / nijmwegen / nl / 2004:


hörbar hamburg
/ d / 2004


further col. e.a. + j.p.: language of the ticket-penguins (mira-lobe-award 2003)

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