Art Workshop

Exhibition open 27 July - 18 August 2007
Vernisaj: 27 July 6pm.

la galeria de arta contemporana
a Muzeului Brukenthal / 6 Tribunei Street, Sibiu, Romania.

Artists: Marco Colombaioni, Raffaella Crispino, elffriede, Stina Fisch, Mike Lamy, Paula Muller, Sebastian Moldovan, Casper Pauli, Karol Radziszewski, Polly Read, Karo Szmit and Adrien Tirtiaux.
Liviana Dan, Enrico Lunghi and Paul di Felice curators from Brukenthal Museum (Ro) and Casino-Luxembourg (Lu)

The art workshop 2007 deals with notions of “hereness” and “thereness”. Between Luxembourg (Lu), Sibiu (Ro) and the artists’ place of residence. The workshop aims at triggering interplay between the known and the unknown, the local and the universal, between inside and outside, absence and presence.  Focusing on the art practices of drawing, cartoon and graphic design, the art workshop questions the relationships between objects, activities and spaces in the context of displacement.

Twelve artists from six European countries have been selected for a one-month art workshop in both Luxembourg (Lu) and Sibiu (Ro). Based on several meetings the artists discuss the realization of a common project with the money sponsored by the workshop: to buy a piece of land in Romania. The catalogue and the exhibition display the individual works of each artist in relation to this land.